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Japan Housing Finance Agency (JHF) is the only government-related housing finance institution, which was originally established as Government Housing Loan Corporation (GHLC) in 1950.

To cope with the housing shortage after the World War II, GHLC had financed 19.41 million housing units by FY2006 which accounted for about 30% of the postwar housing construction. GHLC contributed to improvement of housing quality by including proprietary technical standards on houses to be financed.

In FY2007, JHF, an incorporated administrative agency, was established to replace GHLC. The main business of JHF is to support private financial institutions to provide fixed interest rate housing loans by purchasing them for securitization.

The accumulated number of "Flat35" housing loans which are provided through the securitization business has exceeded 1.2 million. The outstanding balance of MBS (Mortgage Backed Securities) which are issued to fund Flat35 reached 15 trillion yen. JHF is the largest issuer of MBS in Japan, which has contributed the development of the Japanese MBS market.

As a public financial institution, we work to resolve policy issues by providing "Flat35" Regional Vitalization Type, supporting the reverse mortgage type housing loan provision by mortgage insurance program and providing disaster recovery housing loans.

We also provide "Flat35S" to promote energy efficient houses and issue green bonds continuously to address global climate change which requires global alliance in these days.

By utilizing the expertise regarding housing finance, we concluded 10 Memorandums of Understanding or Memorandums of Cooperation (MOC) with government-related finance institutions in the U.S. and Asia as well as a supranational institution and exchange information and share knowledge. We have also hosted "Workshop on Green Housing Finance" for the institutions with which we concluded the MOC based on the knowledge we acquired from our businesses to promote energy efficient houses.

Our directors and employees intend to strive to be an essential organization for Japanese society and citizens. We will make best efforts to develop domestic and foreign housing finance market by promoting collaboration with foreign housing finance related institutions.
April 2021
MOURI Shinji
MOURI Shinji
Incorporated Administrative Agency
Japan Housing Finance Agency (JHF)