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Incorporated Administrative Agency Japan Housing Finance Agency (JHF)

Establishment April 1, 2007
Purpose By purchasing mortgages to assist in the lending of funds necessary for constructing houses provided by private financial institutions, and lending funds required for constructing buildings for disaster recovery to supplement lending by private financial institutions, Japan Housing Finance Agency (JHF) strives to provide the smooth and efficient provision of funds necessary for constructing houses that contribute to a stable life and enhanced social welfare for the citizens and residents of Japan.
Capital \692,095.42 million(100% of the capital is provided by the Japanese government.) *1
Number of directors and employees 941 *2
Businesses Securitization support, housing loan insurance service, loan origination businesses
Offices Head office: 1-4-10 Koraku, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan 112-8570
Branches: 8 branches in major cities nationwide
Size of mortgage portfolio \23.7033 trillion
(Including: purchased housing loans amounting \18.7785 trillion) *3
*1 As of March 31,2024  *2 As of April 1,2024  *3 As of March 31,2023

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