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 update:February 8,2019

JHF (former GHLC) has issued Straight Bonds with General Security since September, 2006. Please find below information on outstanding SB from GHLC#1 to JHF#257. Hereafter,the information of outstanding SB is prepared only in JHF Japanese web site.

List of SB Issues(GHLC#1-4・JHF#1-143)PDF[11ページ:177KB]

List of SB Issues(JHF#144-150)PDF[1ページ:95KB]

List of SB Issues(JHF#151-155)PDF[1ページ:94KB]

List of SB Issues(JHF#156-167)PDF[1ページ:95KB]

List of SB Issues(JHF#168-179)PDF[1ページ:96KB]

List of SB Issues(JHF#180-186)PDF[1ページ:34KB]

List of SB Issues(JHF#187-203)PDF[2ページ:37KB]

List of SB Issues(JHF#204-217)PDF[1ページ:41KB]

List of SB Issues(JHF#218-230)PDF[1ページ:140KB]

List of SB Issues(JHF#231-242)PDF[1ページ:123KB]

List of SB Issues(JHF#243-257)PDF[1ページ:178KB]

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